BLDS (British Library for Development Studies) Database
The BLDS database at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex contains records of over 120,000 printed documents held by the Library and selectively indexed since 1990.

CASE (Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion)
Based at the London School of Economics (UK), CASE focuses on one of the main effects of globalisation, namely an increase in social exclusion. The three principal dimensions researched here are: the economy and incomes; families and family change; and communities and neighbourhoods.

Centre for Transnational Studies
C-Trans at the University of Newcastle (UK) fosters interdisciplinary research on the challenges to identity politics, space and territory in a globalising world.

Club of Rome
An influential international think-tank famous for its report The Limits to Growth in the 1970s. Now focused on governance issues in the era of globalisation.

Commission on Global Governance
A United Nations sponsored project following up on the influential 1991 report Our Global Neighbourhood. Good for the UN perspective on globalisation issues.

Consumers International
A worldwide non-profit federation of consumer organisations dedicated to the protection and promotion of consumer interests. Campaigns on genetically modified foods are prominent. Links, campaigns and newsletters are featured.

Corporate Watch
A critical analysis of the multinational organisations and their role in society with a particular focus on the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

CRICC (Centre for Research in International Communication and Culture
CRICC at Nottingham Trent University (UK) carries out research focused on problems and issues generated by the ‘globalising’ of social and cultural processes and practices in late modern societies.

CSGR – Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation
CSGR, based at the University of Warwick, (UK) is the largest research centre dealing with the study of globalisation and regionalisation in Europe. Its research agenda deals with the definition of globalisation, its impacts and policy implications.

DFID (Department for International Development, UK)
The UK’s overseas development department, DFID commissions research on a host of development issues including poverty alleviation and the development of civil society.

ELDIS (Development Reporter)
The gateway to information on development, ELDIS currently includes descriptions and links to over 3,000 organisations and over 6,000 full-text online documents covering development and environmental issues.

Focus on the Global South
This is a program of progressive development policy research and practice, dedicated to regional and global policy analysis, micro-macro linking and advocacy work, working with NGOs and people's organisations in Asia Pacific and other regions.

GASPP (Globalism and Social Policy Programme)
Based at the University of Sheffield (UK) and a partner in Finland, this five year programme carries out research, education and public information work on the issues facing social policy in the global arena.

GAWC (Globalisation and World Cities)
Based at the University of Loughborough (UK) this research group and network focuses on cities in the era of globalisation. Linked to the Global Observatory, a trans-state data archive, GAWC focuses on the external relations of world cities.

Global Development Network
The objective of GDN is to bridge the gap between development theories and their practical implementation. Undertakes policy-relevant research on globalisation and its impact world-wide, also hosts on line discussions and has a useful email newsletter.

Global Exchange
Critical analysis and context setting for a post-Seattle project called ‘Democratizing the Global Economy’.

Globalisation: A study guide
A loose association of academics working on aspects of world politics in the era of globalisation. A 'clearing house' for conferences, research and publications.

Globalisation and its Discontents
Information on a conference held in Canada seeking to reconceptualise globalisation and its consequences for society and the state at all levels – national, international and sub-national.

Globalisation and the Human Condition
An interdisciplinary institute based at McMasters University (Canada) committed to researching globalization as a complex and multidimensional phenomenon, rather than simply an expression of the inexorable growth of markets.

Globalization Concepts
A comprehensive site, run by Fred Riggs in Hawaii, full of discussion sites and many useful links.

Globalization Research Centre
An inter-disciplinary research centre based in Hawaii, focused mainly on the Asia/Pacific region.

Global Transformation Network
A useful, if basic, Oneworld net guide to the main aspects of globalisation aiming to "challenge and inform, questioning assumptions and suggesting alternatives". Plenty of reading material and well organised links to sub-themes.

Hidden Agendas
This is campaigning TV journalist John pilger's lively homepage. A good, if quite polemical, introductory website.

ID21 (Development Research Reporting Service)
A new online service offering hundreds of summaries of problem-solving work on critical development dilemmas around the world. Information for Development in the 21st century draws on work by the main UK development research centres.

ILO (International Labour Organisation)
A long-standing UN body seeking to promote harmonious labour relations worldwide and respect for basic labour rights. Has produced very informative reports on key issues such as child labour for example.

Institute for Global Studies (IGS)
The IGS is an interdisciplinary research group at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) promoting understanding of the ways in which global changes are increasingly shaping the social, cultural and political lives of world citizens.

An international forum for research and policy on migration, diversity and the changing city in the era of globalisation.

Multinational Monitor
Tracks corporate activity worldwide, particularly in the Third World. Good links.

The North-South Institute
A Canadian-based think tank on North-South relations in the era of globalization. This site includes News and Views, Publications and Research.

One World
One World online is a campaigning development education site aimed at publishing information about global issues for development NGOs and others. A vital gateway to development issues from a campaigning perspective.

Overseas Development Council (ODC)
ODC is an independent, international policy research institution based in Washington (US). It seeks to improve decision-making on multilateral co-operation, to promote more effective development and the better management of related global problems.

Rio Tinto Zinc Campaign
An example of an active and well organised campaign against a multinational corporation.

The Global Site
This open access site publishes new academic interpetations of globalisation from an interdisciplinary perspective, aiming to bring a social science outlook to bear on the global era and its discontents.

UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development)
UNCTAD’s objective is to help the developing countries face the challenges arising from globalisation and integrate into the world economy on an equitable basis. Produces valuable reports on trade and development.

World Bank and IMF Libraries
The fourteen World Bank and International Monetary Fund libraries work together to provide information services to their staff and now the general researcher too.

The World Bank Group
The major international financial institutions provide a showcase of their work around the world, resources for schools and others, and useful links to ‘partners’ such as NGOs and business sectors.

WSN: The World Systems Electronic Conferencing Network
WSN is an electronic conferencing network and information source for researchers of world-systems. WSN is linked with the World-System Archive and the very relevant Journal of World-Systems Research.